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Matt Hullander is an entrepreneur from Chattanooga, Tennessee with business interests in Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Ohio and Arizona ranging from real estate development, private equity and e-commerce.  Matt grew his primary business to become one of the largest exterior remodeling companies in the country before selling the business in 2021, chosen as Businessman of the Year in Chattanooga by Cityscope Magazine.  Replacement Contractor Magazine named Matt “Contractor of the Year”.  Matt’s company received several awards including the Chattanooga Chamber’s “Small Business of the Year, The BBB’s “Torch Award for Business Place Ethics” (twice), and Matt was inducted into Remodeling Magazine’s “Big 50”.

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đź–ĽThe Art of Connection: Building Bridges for Success

Jan 10, 2024

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Matt Hullander

When I was growing up I saw my dad grinding it out everyday. He worked tirelessly in the business. I remember him mowing the yard with headlights on because he got home so late. When I took over the company from my dad, I decided I didn’t want to be “self employed”.   I wanted to build a company.  Do you know the difference?  If you’re self employed you just have a really hard job, actually about 10 different jobs. Why not free yourself of the grind and create a business that will work for you? I was able to achieve this and you can too. 

'The Daily Climb' is my gift to you! The 10 Principles are the foundation for my relationships, my businesses, and the success I've been blessed with. 



"This book spoke to me exactly when I needed it!!
As a family man, a Christian, a professional and a sinner… identified with every single chapter...I felt like he was speaking directly to me.!"

- Scott M.

"From buying shoes that are too big so you have room to grow to God tapping you on the shoulder when it is time to go, 'The Daily Climb' motivates you to create the best you with absolute intention. It is genuine and inspiring."

- M. Federico

"The wit and wisdom of Matt Hullander, written in authentic prose, provides 10 principals that will change your life. This is a must read and a book to keep on your bedside table to be read often!"

- John D.

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