🥂Consistently Embrace Change Because New Year’s Resolutions Are Just Stupid

Jan 10, 2024

New Year's resolutions often carry the weight of clichés and unfulfilled promises. The notion of waiting for a specific date to initiate change seems arbitrary, especially when improvement can be pursued at any moment.

Shifting the Perspective on Change:

Why wait for a specific day on the calendar to commit to improvement? Change isn't confined to January 1st; it's a continuous journey. Google's statistic that only about 8% of people keep their resolutions reinforces the idea that true change requires more than mere declarations at the turn of a year.

Embracing Personal Accountability:

It's a tough pill to swallow, but where you are in life is a culmination of your choices, actions, and responses to circumstances. Blame and denial may provide temporary relief, but they won't pave the way for genuine change.

The Power of Self-Reflection:

Looking inward and acknowledging your role in your current situation is the first step toward transformation. Instead of focusing on what you want, reflect on who you are and the energy you emit into the world.

Cause and Effect:

Life isn't about wishful thinking; it's about alignment. What you cause and what you attract are deeply interconnected. Your thoughts, actions, and behaviors shape the reality you experience.

Embracing Change to Manifest Change:

When you take ownership and actively work on yourself, you begin to resonate with the change you seek. This shift in mindset and behavior has a ripple effect, transforming your experiences, relationships, and opportunities.

Rather than waiting for a particular date to make resolutions, embrace change as a continual process. Acknowledge your responsibility in shaping your life and take deliberate steps towards personal growth and improvement. Remember, change isn't merely external; it begins within. When you transform yourself, you inevitably transform your world.

So, choose to be proactive, embrace change, and watch how the world around you evolves as a reflection of the change within you.

In my book, The Daily Climb, in Principle 9 I talk about the key is to consistently be asking yourself the question: “Where is the most important place for me to put my time today?” As long as you are asking yourself that question daily, the need for resolutions once per year becomes even more irrelevant…or, in my humble opinion, STUPID!

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